Bait Wraps

Bait Wrap - 10" Bait Wrap - 12" Bait Wrap - 14"
Bait Wrap - 10"Bait Wrap - 12"Bait Wrap - 14"
Protects all types of lures while they are on the rod! For large size jerk baits, spinner baits, crank baits and top water baits.Protection for baits of all sizes. Designed for Medium to Large size swim baits.Protect those expensive swimbaits! XXL size designed for the big guys.
Bait Wrap - 6" Bait Wrap - 8" Swine Wrap/Scent Saver
Bait Wrap - 6"Bait Wrap - 8"Swine Wrap/Scent Saver
Small size bait wrap for baits less than 6"Medium size bait wrap for baits less than 8"Keeps pork from drying out and keeps scent fresh!